Deposition Services

Empire Discovery’s Deposition Support team is built to provide world-class services and solutions for our clients. We maintain an elite staff of expert court reporters and case management specialists well-versed in handling complex litigations, specific subject matters, and all types of legal proceedings.

Court Reporting:

  • Daily and Expedited Transcripts
  • Keyword Indexing
  • Realtime Transcription
  • Condensed Transcripts ( Mini-Transcripts )
  • Scheduling of Interpreters and Videographers

Support Services:

  • Deposition Suites
  • Telephone Depositions
  • Delivery by email in multiple formats (eTranscripts, PDF, ASCII)
  • Archiving of Transcripts

Transcription Services:

Our typists are capable of producing certified, accurate transcripts from all audio sources including:
  • Audio Tapes/CDs (all sizes)
  • All Court Audio Proceedings
  • Recorded Arbitrations
  • Personal Audio Files