Law firms and Corporations are constantly searching for cutting edge technology with a limited budget. Many are forced to use internal tools that often struggle to meet their demands. kCura’s Relativity is an industry leading application being used by 99 of the TOP 100 AM LAW firms.

However, the added value of bringing Relativity in-house can sometimes be overshadowed by the investment necessary in software, personnel and infrastructure. That is why we created RED.

RED allows you to use Relativity with:

  • No long term contract required
  • No minimum data requirements
  • No Relativity license to buy
  • No hardware to buy
  • No IT burden
  • No staff to hire

Paper Discovery

At Empire, we help clients with their document management needs. Whether a client is considering a large back-file conversion project,

Early Case Assessment

Get ahead of the game before it even starts. Our early case assessment tools can save you time and money.


Our eDiscovery lab is fully scalable to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.