Unstructured data analytics and eDiscovery using advanced machine learning and powerful data visualizations to reveal answers and insights from millions of documents.

Our patented learning technologies tap the power of the machine’s tremendous working memory to evaluate millions of documents to help eDiscovery analysts and data experts learn more in less time. It is not powered by pre-built lexicons, ontologies or thesauri. Discovery 5 dynamically constructs visual maps of the data provided and automatically changes as new data arrives.

Visual Analytics
Navigate your data with ease

Intuitive visualizations help you quickly navigate your data. Instantly gain a bird’s eye view through a map-like content ‘Cluster Wheel’ and a ‘Communications Network’ view to track email traffic flows and volumes.

  • Navigate your data more naturally
  • Quickly reveal the story in your data
  • Reduce the volume of data to review
  • Delve deeper with efficient review analytics

Intelligence Search
Augmenting search with intelligence

Intelligent search surfaces keywords, detects phrases and expands concepts to uncover adjacent material without needing to know the right terms. Take control of your search by engaging facets and adjusting weights.
  • Use intelligence to drive concept searching
  • Shape your search with advanced features
  • Keyword expansion curates related terms
  • Irrelevant text is always excluded


Discovery 5 is the perfect tool to quickly build highly focused datasets for a deeper review. Documents and people are visualized into dynamic clusters, revealing immediate insights. Irrelevant boilerplate text is removed and duplicates and near-duplicates are visualized for instant exclusion. Find information even when you don’t know what to look for.


With a highly focused dataset, Review Analytics help you to delve deeper. Discovery 5’s ‘brain’ intelligently connects documents and people. Build weighted queries, including keywords and phrases. Intelligently organize documents for easier, more efficient review, and uses visualizations to allow natural interaction with the data.

Communication Analysis

Data is growing at an alarming rate, making it increasingly difficult to find what’s relevant. Understanding the landscape of your data and the network of people connected by it is critical to finding what matters. Who knew what? When did they know it? With whom did they communicate? Using stateof-the-art visual analytics, users are able to understand who is communicating with whom, about what, and when. Users can effortlessly refine their view by surfacing specific types of communication and then click on the edge/link between people to explore the concepts being communicated.

Enterprise Data Sources

Discovery 5 can import a variety of data sources including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange EDB, Adobe PDF, JPEG, Bitmap, ZIP and RAR. Additionally, Discovery 5 can connect directly with Sharepoint to import specific files.

Integrated Connections

Seamlessly transfer data back and forth via integrated connectors to systems such as Relativity®, LAW PreDiscovery® and LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer® (EDA).

Scalable for Big Data Volumes

Big and unstructured is no longer a problem. Discovery 5 has been tested using up to 350 million unstructured documents.

Flexible License and Deployment Options

Discovery 5 can be licensed for in-house deployment or hosted by Brainspace. For those with a shortterm, pressing matter, we have Discovery-On-Demand, an all-inclusive Software-as-a-Service offering.

Paper Discovery

At Empire, we help clients with their document management needs. Whether a client is considering a large back-file conversion project,

Early Case Assessment

Get ahead of the game before it even starts. Our early case assessment tools can save you time and money.


Our eDiscovery lab is fully scalable to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.