Many cases are won or lost before they even go to trial. The rapid growth of Electronically Stored Information, combined with tighter budgets and Federal regulations, requires counsel to work as efficiently as possible. As a result, an effective data culling strategy is essential to the e-discovery process.

At Empire our goal is to help you make informed decisions about case strategy and give you real-life estimates on the resources required to pursue an effective discovery process. Our Early Case Assessment tools assist in identifying and segregating data based on date ranges, responsiveness to keywords, uniqueness and file types.

The Clearwell eDiscovery Platform is the leading enterprise eDiscovery solution that enables us to manage legal, regulatory, and investigative matters using a single application. The Clearwell Platform, which was purpose-built for eDiscovery, is the ideal solution to the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legal hold and collections through analysis, review and production.

Forensic Collection

We believe in doing it right from the beginning. All of our collections are done in a forensically sound and defensible manner.

Paper Discovery

At Empire, we help clients with their document management needs. Whether a client is considering a large back-file conversion project,


Our eDiscovery lab is fully scalable to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.